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Digital assets for your productions, directly from our toolbox. Make your projects faster, easier, affordable and more achievable. Our tools reduce your workload so you can focus on the fun. Find the resources you need: animated elements, plug in's like Scene Track: Game Media Exporter and Z Fighter, custom PhotoShop brushes, character rigs, audio assets, tutorials, and more!

E*D Films in an award-winning animation house, digital tools lab and full-service studio based in Montreal. Founded in 2007, E*D Films has become an industry favorite thanks to its unique style and unwavering commitment to sharing its processes and knowledge online. We have created this store to provide access to the tools and assets we create during our productions, including the soon-to-be-released shorts, “Giant Bear” and “Retour à Hairy Hill.”

Scene Track: Game Media Exporter

Animated Elements


Character Rigs

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